Q. How do you sign up?

You can use our website sign up page or you are welcome to call us.

Q. How do I know you have cleaned and sanitized my bins, I sometimes bring them in and they are not at curbside?

We do send a notification email and text message the prior day reminding you that we cleaning the bins, to leave them curbside. You will also know your bins have been cleaned and sanitized because they will look brand new and smell amazing, in addition we do put a piece of blue tape on the lid.

Q. How often do you recommend my bins be cleaned?

We recommend you that you have your bins cleaned and sanitized monthly, however couples and single people do the bi-monthly service.

Q. How do we know your trash day pick up?

We will schedule for your cleaning and sanitizing services on the days that your bins are emptied. You are welcomed to leave it in a message when you sign up but if you dont its okay we have that covered.